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Interesting reading Jane. Children need more opportunities in school to be imaginitve and creative. When I worked in schools 35/40 years ago, the children loved to paint and make things out if old boxes, cartons, bottle tops etc and their imagination knew no bounds!


Imagination is wonderful. People do not see what I see because they have not had the chance to open their mind. I loved working with children and using facial expressions that left them wide-eyed and happy.
I’ve done this with my grandchildren and made up stories.
Asking children to name 3 objects and then tell a story about them is fantastic as this gets them thinking.
I believe there should be different kinds of schools ie academic, hands on etc
Some children learn better when “doing” as opposed to methodical learning.
Not everyone learns at the same pace.


Barbara, you are so right, that’s a great way to get children to learn. Schools, to me, seem like a totally unnatural way to learn - cooped up in grey/brown buildings with artificial lights, yet surrounded by vibrant countryside that they often don’t get to see.


So true, Diane. Unfortunately though, with all the cutbacks, creativity is lacking in many schools.

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