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Geoff Bennett

It is sad that today the word 'traveller' is seen as describing a member of groups of caravan dwellers who invade fields and parks, terrorise local communities and then move on leaving rubbish and effluent in their wake.
I can see that the lifestyle does not have to be like this and know there are many individuals that find permanent dwelling claustrophobic and yearn for the freedom to live their lives unbridled by bricks, mortar and worldly goods and as they love the beauty of the surroundings in which they stay, do nothing to spoil it for others.
Of course there is a price for such a living. Maintaining a shelter and day to day expenses cannot be avoided in a modern world and not all requirements can be achieved through barter. This said, the determined travellers will find some way to use their talents to get by which is all one needs to do if possessions are only day to day requirements.
While I admire the spirit and freedom you describe, it is not a life I could live. Yes, my life is cluttered with long redundant possessions but for health and family reasons I need a more permanent organised lifestyle. I can live with the clutter because it is part of my history and while I enjoy travel I feel happy that I have a place to which I know I can return.
Bon voyage traveller.


Geoffrey, I like to have a place I know is there for me to return to. Travelling opens the mind though, and I hope to visit many places and meet new people. I want my children to experience the world too, and I think there are huge benefits in perhaps now and again taking a year out to travel.

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