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The caterpillar and the rock


I had work to do so my daughters headed out for a walk on their own. They climbed one of the mountains alongside the campsite we were staying at. The steep climb to the top took them just over an hour. They had climbed fast and felt pleased with their efforts. On the top they went to the rock that signalled the highest point and were delighted to see a caterpillar climbing to the top of the rock. They photographed it and relayed the story to me on their return. It reminded me of a story called the caterpillar by Andreas Fay, a storyteller known as the Hungarian Aesop.

A caterpillar climbed with great effort to the top of a milestone. “Goodness me, what a mountain!” he shouted with joyous self-satisfaction. “How amazed the world will be to discover that I could climb so high!”

“Yes, that’s a long way for a caterpillar,” said a fox standing nearby. “But that still doesn’t make it a mountain!” and with a light spring ne jumped over both the caterpillar and the milestone.

Just because something is easy for someone else doesn’t mean it will be for us, but every mountain top is within our reach so long as we keep climbing.

“Victories in life come through our ability to work around and over the obstacles that cross our path. We grow stronger as we climb our own mountains”. Marvin J Ashton.



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