There is something simply beautiful about the light of the moon
A billion years in the palm of my hand: Gratitude Stones

Facing a challenge and personal growth


When something in my life takes a turn for the worst I have come to see it as a challenge rather than a disaster.

My boiler broke at the weekend and we had no heating or hot water. It was cold and inconvenient but it also reminded me: ·

How much glossier my hair is when washed in cold water. 

How nourishing to the soul a pure wool blanket feels.

How much deeper I sleep when I breathe cool, fresh air. 

The previous weekend my car broke down and that reminded me of how good I feel after going for a long walk.

Sometimes we come to see things as ‘luxuries’ that we can’t do without and our minds become closed to other realities.

"We are nature for all our sophistication...we are still wild, and the recovery of that vitality will itself set us right in the world." Thomas Moore.


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