In chaos there is order
Mindfulness and making contact with a moment in time

Restoring Nature's divinity


Slowly we are awakening to the feeling that all is not well in the world. For years we overestimated the importance of the conscious mind, of the person who can talk but whose words are empty, the celebrities, the politicians. For too long we have thought in great abstractions and emphasised control over emotions and instincts. Films like ‘The Secret’ have made prevalent the illusion that anyone could become anything they wished. For years there has been a surge towards conformity, and a desire for material possessions. But all these things being sought are irrelevant to a happy life. Man has become so uprooted from nature that the ‘real natural man’ now finds himself living an utterly inhuman form of life. As a result we have problems with violence, drugs, and addictions. There is a cultural pathological obsession with conquest, speed, success, and machines. Think about when you call your doctor’s surgery and you are met with a menu of buttons to select for recorded information. Hardly good for health or for the mind.

People today often leave the whole of their lives to the direction of consciousness, they go through life on autopilot, forgetting that it is merely the visible surface over the immense living foundation below. Western consciousness has expanded in the spatial dimension but not in the temporal. Modern consciousness was developed mainly through science and technology, not through art, spirituality, or culture. The unconscious has been left behind, suppressing our primitive selves for too long.

We have become highly disciplined, organised and rational. But the less connected we have become to our unconscious brain, the more ugly the uses to which we put our inventions and discoveries. An example is how the care and upkeep of animals raised for human consumption has devolved into an industrial operation focused on maximising economic return while paying little or no heed to the needs of the animals. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

Having allowed our unconscious minds to become suppressed we have lost the connection with our primitive ancestors. We clone life forms, develop nuclear and laser weapons, and genetically modify food. All this without adequate consideration of the repercussions.

By focusing almost singularly on developments in the outer physical world, what we have neglected is ourselves. Most people will scoff if told that the psychic processes in modern man are still of great importance. Superstitions and animism have not gone they have simply taken on new forms.

We should see consciousness as a gift that we should align with nature. We have reached the limit of our evolution and we can go no further until we acknowledge the importance of the development of more consciousness and unbiased understanding of all that we are.

We forget that we are primates and thus we should make allowances for these primitive layers in our psyche.

“Man…is a top animal exiled on a tiny speck of a planet in the Milky Way. That is the reason he does not know himself; he is cosmically isolated. He can only state with certainty that he is no monkey, no bird, no fish, and no tree. But what he positively is, remains obscure.” Carl Jung.


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